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Lie Detector Tests: Uses and Misconceptions clouding the minds

By on July 7, 2017

Computers and technology have brought us a long way ahead. Yet, there are several riddles which still remain unsolved. The human brain is also among those. It is very complex and can keep secrets very well. It can lie. Relationships break, convicts escape punishment and people deceive each other, etc.

This becomes a bigger problem when you have strong reasons to believe that the suspect is lying. The suspect can be anyone, your life partner, business partner, or a trusted employee. In such a scenario, life can get tough. The experts at can help you anywhere in the UK in lie detection with the polygraph test. This is a scientific and proven way to detect lies and deception. Visit here to know more.

Some misconceptions about lie detector tests:

Courts will not admit the results of these tests

This is a misconception originating from crime thriller movies and courtroom dramas. For many cases, civil and tribunal courts admit the results of polygraph tests. They can form a very strong basis for proving the unfaithfulness of your spouse.

Difficult to conduct

This is another misconception which is born out of thin air. can conduct polygraph tests with great accuracy, anywhere in the UK. If you are suspecting anyone then this test can be of great help to you. The experts will come to help you anywhere.

lie detector

Polygraph tests are not reliable 

This is again a figment of the imagination of crime thriller writers and spy movie directors. There are scientific proofs of their reliability. These tests measure the change in heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, time of response. These parameters enable them to detect the deception. Tests can get contaminated due to the use of certain drugs or other conditions but the experts always make provisions for them.

Anyone can beat them

This is a blatant lie. Anyone cannot beat them. Trained, certified, and experienced professionals conduct these tests. They conduct these tests through sophisticated machines. The margins of error are very low.

You can demand polygraph tests only for crime investigation

No, these tests detect deception. Anyone suspecting deception lies or cheating can ask for them. If the person undergoing the test has given consent, these tests are completely legal.

Some major areas where lie detector tests can be of great use: Relationship issues or Infidelity Tests

This area has the greatest use of lie detector tests. If you are living anywhere in the UK you can call the professional experts of for help. A polygraph test will identify if your partner is cheating on you. This will either make your relationship stronger or you will get a chance to get out of it when still there is time. These tests will also form a basis of your claims for infidelity issues.

Pre-employment Issues

Appointing new employees in the corporate structure can become a very taxing job. It may involve hiring a trustworthy person to whom you can tell all the major company secrets. These tests can help you in finding if the selected candidate is the right choice.

Internal Company Investigations

You can get polygraph tests done for investigating financial crime in your company.

False Claim Examinations

The lie detector test is best suited for insurance companies. They can help the insurance investigators in finding the validity of suspicious claims.