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Online Magazines and Blogs: The Differences in Design

By on August 22, 2017

Web design isn’t just for creating site layouts made for businesses. There is now an increasing demand for good site designs for blogs and online magazines. Although there are times when these two types of web platforms are commonly mistaken to be the same, note that many online magazines do run blogging platforms.

WordPress web design is one of the key elements in creating blogs and online magazines, but it doesn’t mean that all design elements for these sites are the same. There are key differences in designing blogs that vary for Internet magazines.

Magazine Theme

If you’re creating a website for an online publication, then it’s best to start with a magazine theme. Note that looks will always be a major concern no matter what type of site you’re creating, and this notion goes double when you’re creating a design for an online magazine. Visitors can instantly judge your site in mere seconds upon entering your website. Hence, you should immediately let them know you have authority on whatever topic you cover. For example, if you want to help visitors keep up-to-date in the stock exchange world, then let it immediately reflect in the site’s design.

Branding With a Blog

There are many free blogging platforms scattered across the World Wide Web, but these don’t give you an extensive amount of freedom to release your inner creative passions. If you want to move further than just having a simple blog, then you need to have the design revolve around your brand. Blogs tend to have a “personal” touch regarding its content and design. Make sure that the site and all of its inner pages reflect your personality, even if it’s you trying to point out recent news and events.

Personal or Business?

Many Internet users run blogs for fun, and there’s even an entire category for that (try searching for Mom blogs). However, you’d be hard-pressed to see an online magazine just for fun. An online publishing business should be treated as such, and the design should reflect that. Many online magazines reflect whatever it is they’re trying to cover. For example, celebrity gossips tend to have a colorful and perky design whereas business-related news tends to have a simple look.

Remember that the main objective of publishing either a blog or an online magazine is to provide great content to your targeted audiences. If you want to have a great design for your online publishing or blog, then it’s best to turn your attention to web design bridgend.