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The Key to a Hotel’s Success is the Right Property Management System

By on July 13, 2017

If you ask any hotelier, all of them will agree that a hotel software is essential to the success of a hotel. A good software will allow the users to store information about their guests. It will enable them to personalize their guests’ experience as well as ensure that they will all have an enjoyable stay. It is even more important at the back-end. It involves the Human Resources and Payroll, inventory, housekeeping, restaurant module, banquets and conferences, accounts receivable, the point of sale, front office module, along with a host of other apps and modules that a software need to work in a smooth and interconnected manner.

Store the information in these modules because they can help in managing a hotel software to generate relevant reports. These can facilitate decision-making and planning. The software may be critical to a hotel’s smooth operation. Lots of general managers agree that it is part of the technology that gives them a severe heartburn.

Hotel Software

The market for such is now full of options. Every vendor claims that their software is the best. It can be complex to determine which software they should invest. Most of the hotels have to spend months before they can decide on their investment. It is unfortunate that a lot of hoteliers who excel at their core skill of delivering a world-class hospitality experience to their guests may sometimes get ‘talked’ into making a wrong decision on what software they will adopt.

Does your hotel make sure that it does the right thing whenever it invests?

Here are some pointers that can help people get started.

Check how many modules it offers.

Your hotel may already be using the software. If you want to have, an upgrade makes sure that the new software will automate all of the processes that your old software does. It should even do more than what people expect. It is important to ask the number of modules that the new software offers. Most of the time, the software vendors may just provide a Front Office Module.

The meaning of this is that you have to make additional investments in maintaining, purchasing, and licensing the back-end modules. The investment may turn out to be very expensive. It would be ideal if the vendor will offer a comprehensive property management system. It should have both the Back Office and Front Office modules fully integrated. There are two broad types of integration: external and internal.

Are the Third Party Products Merged into the New Property Management System?

It can be both expensive and time-consuming to develop a comprehensive property management system. Most software vendors get small companies. They merge it with third-party products to create their asset management system. There may be integration issues in software products. These can become your staff’s major hurdles whenever they utilize the modules.

The many integrations may also mean that you have to spend a lot of hours interacting and networking with a lot of vendors. Check with your provider if they developed the software. That software should be well tested and used by similar hotels.

Is it compatible with Third Party Software?

Hotel managers should integrate every hotel property management system with a host of third-party software and hardware. It may include a door locking system, gateway for credit card payment, an e-menu app, and energy management system among others.

Make sure that the software you adopt is compatible with other products. Review your list carefully so that the software you buy will be consistent with a lot of third party hardware. If this does not apply, it may influence and restrict your other partnerships.

Can your Property Management System assist in the enhancement of your revenue?

It is no longer a simple report generation and data storage tool. Nowadays, it grew to do more things. It can help the hotel leverage the internet’s tremendous power. It allows the hotel to manage multiple channels. It can plug into solutions similar to the channel manager. It can maintain revenues. It can also be a business intelligence tool and online reputation manager, among others.

You may review other points about your potential software vendor like their experience in the industry. You should also check the quality of their post-sales support, domain expertise in the development of niche, the size of their presence and their experience in the industry. Doing this can be very important whenever your hotel runs an operation that is mission-critical.