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3 Tricks to Experience Las Vegas on A Budget

By on September 1, 2017

It’s possible to have your fill of the City of Lights without blowing your bank account. If it’s your first time going to Las Vegas, chances are you’re worried about how much it will cost you. However, thinking that way isn’t the best way to start your vacation.

Admittedly, the city has a reputation for extravagance. However, rest assured you can get enjoy nearly everything Las Vegas can offer even if you’re on a budget. You simply need to do your homework. Even so, it’ll be worth it once you arrive. Here are three tricks to help you take a break travel Las Vegas Nevada within your means.

Take a break travel las vegas nevada

How to Save on Accommodations

You have several ways to find budget friendly accommodations before heading to Las Vegas. To begin with, consider joining the subscribers’ lists of hotels in the city. It’s an opportunity to gain access to exclusive discounts.

If you’re traveling with a big group and hoping to save on a room, check out hotels offering bunk beds. This target millennials who can split the cost of the room with others.

How to Save on Attractions

The city’s long list of attractions can already cost you a fortune. However, you can find good deals and still experience some of the best shows and places in Las Vegas. Start with the free attractions the city is known for. Head to the Bellagio Fountains. Remember to have your picture taken at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

You can even watch a free concert if you walk over to the Fremont Street Experience. Who knows, you could get lucky and catch bands like Good Charlotte or Theory of a Deadman performing. If you plan to watch any of the big-name acts, it’s best to order tickets online. This offers you some savings.

How to Save on Food

The city is known for a lot of things including its extensive selection of restaurants. Best of all, it covers a wide spectrum. If you plan to splurge on one thing while in Las Vegas, it advisable to check out any of the celebrity chef-owned spots located throughout. If not, you can still find excellent choices along the strip. What’s more, you can even feed a family of four as servings are quite substantial.

Keep these tips in mind to enjoy an affordable yet satisfying take a break travel Las Vegas Nevada. Chances are you’ll still have money left over when you get home.