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How to select your rechargeable light up dog collar?

By on August 22, 2017

Every year, the mortality of dogs can be attributed to dogs being hit by cars after dusk and before dawn. Light up dog collars. Light up dog collars became an essential attachment for the dogs as it not just an accessory but a lifer saving device. At a glance, one cannot distinguish between the types of light up dog collars. They even look like your regular dog collar in the morning when there is light

Ability to light – up

The light or the bulb in the collar matters a lot. Most light up dog collars boasts of visibility at the range of up to 1,500 feet away. Bulbs that are secured inside the collar will be less bright as compared to the ones that have it on the outside. Most light up dog collars delivers three lighting and flashing modes with the touch of the button – steady, fast flashing and slow flashing are the common selections. The color of the light bulbs also varies as you can select for those that have 3 – 7 color selections.

Rechargeable light up dog collar

Staying on power

In the battle of the Light up dog collars, who are the winners and the losers? Those collars that can stay on for hours, lighted. Charging and recharging forms the basic element of light up a dog collar. There is the non- rechargeable light collar that boasts of 60 hours of steady light. Yet the problem is that it is non – rechargeable and the battery is expensive which makes it a big concern for the users.

Rechargeable light up dog collar  usually have a staying power of  6 – 8 hours. Considering that you will not longer buy batteries, they are in for the win. However, the non- rechargeable units are cheaper compared to the rechargeable ones.

Ability to resist water

There is light up dog collars that boast of being water resistant since the battery is already built-in so it is more intact.Some light  up dog collars are usually not water resistant and they are not submersible owing to the USB port to where you should charge them. Almost all models however, boast of being weatherproof with their ability to withstand some weather conditions.


The price range of light up dog collars vary a lot depends upon the features we have already mentioned. Be sure to take note of the features that you wanted and the price that you want to pay it for.