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How to shoot a wedding video

By on August 30, 2017

 You cannot take your own wedding video because you cannot be in the wedding and shoot the video at the same time. So go for a professional and trusted wedding videographerto capture all your beautiful and lovely wedding moments so that your future generations can see them. After the wedding party you can see the all the beautiful memories in the video with your family and friends.

Here are some important moments to capture

  • Some DJ packages come with extra services like lighting and shooting the wedding video. Give the detailed details of the wedding venue and they make your wedding DJ celebrations by providing a best wedding videographer to capture all your live wedding video.
  • When the ceremony starts the videographer should ready with his set up and should start capturing the arrival of guests and shoot the close up shots of flowers and decorations. These decoration shots will be useful to cover up the bad camera movements you can edit them use them.
  • Before the beginning of wedding march you should focus on the bride’s entrance. Capture all the ways you are feeling comfortable and go to the best side and get the best shots of the bride. Because it is very important to take the video tape of the bride than the groom. Take all the shots of bride’s accessories because it plays a major role for bride on her wedding day. Then get the video of groom preparing and take the shots natural as possible.

  • Capture the video of bride and groom promises and exchanging their garlands and some romantic moments which will take place on the day of wedding.
  • Capture the shots of all the guests while congratulating the bride and groom by presenting some gifts and important capture is a moment with mom because the mom feels proud when the bride getting ready for wedding in the home she grew up. It is a peaceful, quote and beautiful moment when the mom and daughter are together.
  • Make a video of the happy tears. This shows the happiness of the wedding day. This is the moment when the bride looked at her husband face with tears on her eyes and a beautiful look on her face. It is an important moment for a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Choose a professional person who capture all your live wedding moments because these videos will helpful for you if you want to see all your lovable moments of your wedding day.